Below is a map of the original buildings. Click the number to see a photo of each building. An asterisk denotes that the building was not part of the original exposition.

map of the 1915 exposition buildings botanical building timen museum of art house of hospitality alcazar gardens plaza de panama san diego museum of art california quadrangle old globe entrance california tower cabrillo bridge view of cabrillo bridge from highway 163 spreckels organ pavillion casa de balboa building casa del prado theater natural history building bea evenson fountain reuben h. fleet science center balboa park's el prado house of charm

  1. Cabrillo Bridge
  2. View of Cabrillo Bridge from Highway 163
  3. View of the California Tower
  4. California Quadrangle
  5. Old Globe Theater*
  6. Alcazar Garden
  7. House of Charm
  8. San Diego Museum of Art*
  9. Plaza de Panama
  10. Spreckels Organ Pavilion
  11. House of Hospitality
  12. Timken Museum*
  13. Botanical Building
  14. Casa de Balboa
  15. Casa del Prado
  16. San Diego Natural History Museum*
  17. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center*
  18. El Prado
  19. Bea Evenson Fountain*