A Living Fantasy: The People of Ukiyo  

Welcome to A Living Fantasy, a historical website devoted to topics concerning the concept of ukiyo, or the "floating world," during the Edo Period of Japanese history. In art, ukiyo was represented in woodblock prints commonly called ukiyo-e. These prints were created primarily during the Edo Period as well as after the Meiji Restoration. The lifestyle represented by ukiyo was enjoyed by many people of the cities, especially in Edo.

Please have a look around, and experience the unique dreamscapes created by Japanese woodblock artists of Tokugawa Japan. This site will attempt to reveal the class struggles and other problems of the era through an analysis of ukiyo culture.

Follow the links on the left side of the page to navigate through the website. For visitors with little knowledge of Japanese history or the specific time period covered by this site, please visit the Introduction page where you can view a short video introduction to the region and era.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy A Living Fantasy!


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