Interstate 805 northbound from the Roscoe Hazard Memorial Bridge,
which carries Adams Avenue across the freeway near North Park, San Diego.

(Click the image to view a video taken of Interstate 805 from the Roscoe Hazard Bridge - hosted on YouTube)

The modern history of California, especially during the middle segment of the 20th century, is particularly tied to its network of roads and highways. Of particular importance to the massive scale of California's highway network is the freeway - the controlled access, high speed ribbon of concrete and asphalt which connects every major city in the state and whisks traffic past high rises and farmland alike.

The freeway, however, is not developed in a vacuum - rather, it is the result of a complex series of considerations on a local, regional and state level. This website will provide a brief overview of the history behind the development of the freeway network in a particular locale, San Diego, with special emphasis on the decades from the 1940s until the 1970s, and with a keen eye towards the development of Interstate 805. The links to the left will take readers through pages dedicated to each of those decades and to San Diego's freeway development. It is recommended that the interested viewer begin with the Introduction, which will give a background overview of road development and San Diego's earliest transportation networking days, continuing through the San Diego Planning Commission's 1938 report on the status of roads and highways in the region. Resources abound on each of the decade-centric pages, related to providing archival material to support the general narrative of local freeway development.

This project is part one of three sites on the invention and impacts of the 805 corridor - future sites will be linked together to create a single, contiguous project.

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