"Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon compounds. Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl." (by Mike Adam, as found on the internet)

Why should you study chemistry? It is no accident that chemistry is called the 'central science'. The science of chemistry permeates all other scientific disciplines. In most cases it is easy to see how chemistry is involved in a particular scientific discipline. Chemistry is central to the development of new medicines (notice how may ads for new medicines are on TV?) and help us understand the behavior of these drugs. Therefore, chemistry is a vital component of pharmacology. The principles of chemistry are routinely used in the analysis of evidence from crime scenes (ever watch CSI?) and is therefore central to the science of forensics. However, sometimes, the role of chemistry is not as easy to see. Can you think of how chemistry is involved in astronomy? Chemistry is a vital part of astronomy (astrochemistry anyone?) and helps astronomers understand how the chemicals found in space interact with each other, and how these chemicals determine the properties of the objects (stars, planets, galaxies, etc.) found in space. Since chemistry makes important contributions across many scientific disciplines it is important that all students of science at least understand the basic principles of chemistry.

But what if you are not a science student? Do, or would, non-scientists benefit from studying chemistry? In addition to its impact on the sciences, chemistry also helps us understand many aspects of our everyday lives, and helps us make informed decisions regarding our health and well being. Chemistry helps us decide what foods to eat, what kinds of ingredients are good or bad for us, what types of chemicals (and how much of these chemicals) we should or shouldn't allow into our environment. As future professionals, leaders of society and as conscientious voters we will be called on to make decisions based on scientific knowledge with significant consequences for our society. The study of chemistry can help us acquire the knowledge needed to function as informed citizens in our society.