Visuality, Media Theory & Criticism, New Media Art

Walter Benjamin
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Vannevar Bush
As We May Think
1945 essay in which he describes his "Memex" machine (never built), which prefigures the basic design and function of today's personal computer, and it's main purpose of managing the information explosion on a personal as well as a generational level.

Daniel Chandler
Marxist Media Theory

Lev Manovich
The Language of New Media
"Today we are witnessing the emergence of a new medium—the metamedium of the digital computer"
"The following is an attempt at both a record, and a theory, of the present. Just as film historians traced the development of film language during cinema's
first decades, I aim to describe and understand the logic driving the development of the language of new media."

Critical Art Ensemble
"(CAE) is a collective of five tactical media practitioners of various specializations including computer graphics and web design, film/video, photography, text art, book art, and performance. Formed in 1987, CAE's focus has been on the exploration of the intersections between art, critical theory, technology, and political activism."

Jaron Lanier
You Are Not a Gadget
This link will take you to Lanier's website. Jaron was one of the first developers of VR, and has become a very vocal critic of what he refers to as "cybernetic totalist". In talking about the contents of his new book, You Are Not a Gadget, Lanier states: "These designs [Web 2.0] valued the information content of the web over individuals. It became fashionable to aggregate the expressions of people into dehumanized data.


Beyond Interface

Daniel Belasco Rogers

Mark Amerika
"Hypertextual Consciousness"

Electronic Cafe

David Blair
"The first online feature film since 1993"
"Waxweb "

The Whitney Portal to Net Art


Cinematic Representation and the Gaze
Terms Relating to Semiotics

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