Make a video approximately 1 minute long based on the following guidelines
Due: Feb. 4

1. Write a short story or recount an event which involved something that happened to you physically
   which was a life-transforming event.

2. Record this as a voice over onto video tape.

3. Using this narration, make a storyboard or make a shot list of variety of shots which "tell" the story.

4. The shots must include: (at least) one macro, one wide shot, one medium shot, one close up,
    one pan or tilt, one change of focus within the shot (rack focus), and any other shots you want.

5. Using Final Cut Pro or ProTools Free, first edit your audio narration, then edit the video footage to the narration.
    No music. No sound effects. (You may do two versions--one with voice only; one with music and sound fx).
    You may use EQ and audio processing if you want.

6. Don't forget to record room tone to use between the audio clips if you space them out over the sequence.
    Have ready to show on mini DV or vhs tape.