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Audio Basics Quiz:                                                   


1.     Define fidelity (282)





2.     Unit of measure to express the frequency of sound (circle one): (283)

a.         Db (decibels)

b.         Kb

c.         Hz (Hertz)

d.         Bits



3.     There are three main characteristics of sound waves. Match the term for the physical characteristic of the sound wave to the term used to describe the perception of the sound by drawing a line between the two. (283)


Frequency                         Loudness

Amplitude                          Pitch

Timbre                               Tone color



4. When should you use an external microphone? (287)
NOTE: Keep in mind that I always recommend using external mics, however the article mentions two specific situations in which you should use an external mic.







5.  Which are important when trying to isolate sound during recording? (287)

a.     type of microphone

b.     location of microphone

c.     sensitivity of microphone


6.     Which is most directional? (288)

a.     shotgun mic

b.     lavaliere mic

c.     cartiod mic



7.     The pick up pattern of a mic is: (290)






8.     What is the difference between an omnidirectional mic and a hypercartiod (or hyperdirectional) mic? If you wanted to record all the ambient sound in an entire room, which would you use? (291)








9.     Low impedence microphones are generally better mics as they have stronger signals and create better S/N ratios. In other words, they produce less hum. These mics have what type of connector? (296)

a.     rca

b.     bnc

c.     xlr

d.     rf

10.     What is distortion in the audio recording caused by? (307, 297) What does it mean to "attenuate"?







11. The universal rule in locating your microphone is to: (299)

a.     hide it from your subject

b.     get it as close to the source of the sound as possible

c.     put it as close to the camera as possible



12.   (303) You may have noticed that on much of your video gear, including cameras and decks, there are line inputs and mic inputs. They have different signal strengths. Give an example of a line level signal.  Which is stronger, a line level signal or a mic level signal? What happens when you plug a line level signal into a mic level input?





13. You are making a video in which the picture composition and the audio quality are crucial. Which would be the wrong things to do?:

a.     not look through the viewfinder

b.     not wear headphones





14.  (308) What is the function of the Automatic Gain Control or AGC in audio?







15.  When editing speech, what are the most important editing techniques to use?

a.     make the edit as close to the beginning of the next sentence or word as possible

b.     make the edit as close to the end of a sentence or word

c.     include the speaker's breath between words or phrases

d.     try to edit out all breathes or at least cut in the middle of the breath

e.     if you need to cut down a sentence, cut from the middle