Panel Presentation Schedule
Each of you will be given a very brief period of time to set up and then 10 minutes to present your work. After all the presentations are given on the specific topic we will hold a panel discussion/debate. You must have your media ready to go when you begin and therefore it is imperative that you become very familiar with the audio-video equipment and hardware/software you will be using. You need to test the technical aspects of your presentation the week before, and will be graded on doing so. Please come to class 15 minutes early or stay after class the week before to test the technical part of your presentation or to learn how to use the podium. We won’t have time to trouble shoot during the presentations. Part of your grade is based on preparedness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This week you must email me the equipment and/or hardware and software you will need for your presentation. Failure to do so will potentially compromise your presentation. Please note that if the software you need to present is not available you must transfer your examples to another format/application that is available. No software can be installed by students on any of CSUSM's computers, however, you can run a downloaded application off of the desktop (this is not recommended). At the end of Monday's class we will discuss your technical needs in detail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will arrange for a relatively complete backup system to be present in the lecture hall for each of the class periods/presentations. It is best if you keep the media portion of your presentation simple and direct. The best way to simplify is to consolidate all your examples into one medium. I strongly recommend that you use only one piece of equipment and no more than two for your presentation.

The following is a list of equipment that will be available in the lecture hall. The backup system will be essentially the same with the exception that there will only be one video projector for projecting and there will be a PC laptop and a Mac Laptop for computer related presentation material.
--Combination DVD player and VCR for playback of VHS
--Audio CDs can be played through the DVD player
--VCR for playing VHS tapes
--The PC on the podium
--Mac Laptop (G4)
--Microphone on the podium
--closed circuit video camera on the podium (no tape playback)
--3 ceiling-mounted projectors
--Connection to various campus servers and to the Internet
--you are welcome to connect your laptop to the podium (Mac or PC)

Panel Presentation Schedule:

This is the breakdown of the time schedule for panel presentations:
--3 class periods equals 315 minutes
--20 minutes of each class will be devoted to questions and debates, 60 minutes total for 3 classes
--315 minutes minus 60 minutes equals 255 minutes for presentations
--255 minutes divided among 38 class members equals roughly 8 minutes MAX per student
--because you will ALL  have tested your media the week in advance, you should need minimal time to set up. For those who
are presenting next Monday, I will be available 2 hours in advance of the class to test your media. If you keep with the hardware and software
that is available at the podium then you should have no problems at all. If you would like to get into Room 240 before monday to test your media, you
can contact Media Services and they will assist you with the operation of the podium.


Week 14
April 26
Topic #1 Impact of the three waves of “telematic culture” on visual culture
Bonnie Macgregor
John Cheramie
Daren Jackman

Topic #2 Resistance
Cody Simpkins
Shari B. Mackin

Topic #3 Representation and Gender (Technology/film/video)
Luis Reyes
Barbara Whalen

Holly Myers
Mandy Blazer
Jonathan Labrador
Megan Eslinger
Matt Suval

Week 15
May 3
Topic #4 New Media (Digital)
Jason Sigler
Dustin Winans
Liza-Monette Cueva
Happy Gianto
Nicole Jansen
Gary Pascual
Brandon Byler
Caleah James
Andrea Krohn
Russell Ferguson
Week 16
May 10 (Finals Week)
6:15 - 9:00 PM

Topic #4 New Media (Digital)
Jacob Angelo
Neal Lucas
Diane Hsu
Dustin Trent
Ari Davis
Shelly Cram
Brandon Lawrence
Rhondha Williams
Gary Sofjan
Reshun Davis


Marina Hollon
Jennifer West
Heather Glovinsky
Brian Desjean

No topic submitted as April 21st
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Salomen Corona