VSAR 422: The Art and Technology of the Moving Image

Instructor: Tony Allard

Time: Monday, 5:30 – 8:15 pm

Place: Arts 240 

Phone: 1-760-750-8199    Email: tallard@csusm.edu Or antalla@cox.net

Office hours: Arts 240, Monday 4:00 - 5:00 PM or by appointment

Course description:

In this course, we will investigate a broad range of artistic, technological, cultural and historical practices related to media and the moving image including, among others: video art, television, photographic processes, film, digital media, and hypermedia. The aim of this course is to introduce concepts relavent to cultural studies, film, video and new media studies and to generate discussions about the role of media in art and society. The class will combine theory and practice and will consist of lectures, screenings, group discussion, conceptual aerobics/hands on practice, group projects, research and presentations. This is a course in which you will be asked to use your analytic, critical and creative skills to write and talk about media and the moving image. There will be some hands on practice with video, the web, drawing/collaging in the process of making moving images.



This class has several short writing assignments, small research assignments, reading assignments and small projects. Please see the syllabus for details of those assignments. The due dates for all reading and writing assignments, projects and presentations are clearly noted on the syllabus, unless I indicate otherwise. No late assignments are accepted.


Panel presentations:

Each student will be required to research and present a topic as part of a panel related to the course material. Your choice of topic will be made with the approval of the instructor. Your presentation may take the form of an essay/oral presentation, a hypertext, a multi-media presentation, a website, video or film, or performance. Please think carefully about the medium in which you would like to present your research. It is absolutely imperative that you consider your skills, resources and time. The presentation should last approximately 10:00, with questions from the audience after the presentations. If you have any questions concerning what medium you should use or how to research your topic, please feel free to make an appointment with me. Approximately six weeks into the course I will explain in detail what is required for the panel presentations.
Panel Presentation Schedule

Panel Presentation Guidelines

Panel Presentation Grading Criteria
Panel topics

Examples of Abstracts from Previous Years


Grading is as follows:

20% class participation, discussion and attendance including preparation of reading for discussion

20% all writing/observation assignments

20% midterm writing assignment (for details click here or see attached)

40% Final presentation, including your participation in the presentations of others (for details of panel presentation, click here)


Attendance and participation:

This is an upper division course with a high level of self-direction and preparation. You must attend each class and complete all readings in order to effectively participate. The syllabus is subject to change. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to contact a fellow student to determine what material was covered and what is due for the next class. Do not call me to tell me you will not be in class unless it is an emergency and you will be missing more than one class. Four missed classes constitute a failing grade. Attendance is recorded at the beginning of each class with a sign-in sheet which is kept on file. You may not sign in after the class has begun. Don't forget to sign in--it is the only record I have of your attendance. You are also required to stay for the duration of the class. Leaving at the break will count as half a missed class.


Reading assignments:

Reading assignment are due on the day they are listed in the syllabus.

Reading assignments were carefully chosen to help you prepare for screenings and class discussion. They will also be instrumental in helping you write your midterm and prepare for your final presentaion. Primary readings are in the Course Reader. This reader can be purchased at CopyServe, 754 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., San Marcos. 760-599-9923. CopyServe is on the corner of Rancho Santa Fe and San Marcos Blvd. If you are travelling west on San Marcos Blvd. from CSUSM, it is on your right, just across Rancho Santa Fe near the NW corner. Turn right into the parking area, and then an immediate left. Purchase your reader immediately as, if they run out, it may take a day to have them make it up. They do not take phone orders. Other handouts may be given to supplement the course reader. Reading assignments are due on the day listed unless otherwise indicated.