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The article is from the September 2nd, 1931 edition of the San Diego Union Tribune and is included here for educational purposes only.


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The Purpose of this Site...


... is to educate the visitor in the ways of historical study through an excerise in digital history. This website is an attempt to integrate history and the teaching of historical study skills into a comprehensive online learning module for use at the high school and community college level. This website is meant to be an exercise in:

  • American Press Articles of the 1930s.

  • Subjectivity versus Objectivity.

  • Primary Source Documentation.

This website is multi-faceted as it attempts to integrate multiple educational goals within a single easy-to-use and easy-to-understand online activity. The student visits the website and follows along with the digital path of web pages that make up this site. The student reviews the articles, makes judgements about the meaning and subjective or objective nature of the article and then answers questions concerning the content and context of the articles.

A step outside the scope of this website is that students will bring their notes and their answers to the article questions back into the classroom where a larger discussion can take place concerning how the American Press of the 1930s reported the news, how subjectivity and objectivity played out in the press of the 1930s and how these articles play out as examples of primary source documentation.

Upon completion of the activity, the student will have examined an historical event from the 1930s, analyzed press statements for subjectivity and objectivity, and conducted an exercise in discerning bias in primary source documentation.

Let's get started. First task, the introduction of the American Press of the 1930s:


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