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Welcome to Chetan Kumar's website!


Welcome to my University homepage. This site is always work-in-progress and it will be updated periodically.


Here is a link to my Tech Talk at Google. This is about my research and blatant self promotion.









Chetan (Chet) Kumar*

Associate Professor of Information Systems

College of Business Administration

California State University San Marcos

333 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA 92096

office phone: (760) 750 4207

email 1: ckumar at csusm dot edu

email 2: ckumaronline at gmail dot com

website: www.csusm.edu/ckumar/



* PS: If you are part of about 5/6 th of the world's population not from South Asia, you are possibly pondering the pronunciation of my first name. Phonetically its close to "Chaytun." Alternatively please feel free to call me "Chet."



Updated: March 2015