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The reign of King Henry VIII is well known throughout the public domain; a romantic scandal that marked the end of the Catholic Church within England. The tale has been told time and time again: a man in power meets a beautiful young woman and takes her as his mistress. Unable to divorce and marry his current wife under the cannon laws of the Church, he chooses instead to make himself the sole power over religion within his own kingdom and break with a long standing and deep relationship with one of the world powers of the time. By picking up pieces of dissention within continental Europe, the young man formulates an ideology somewhat opposed to the established doctrine of the time and forms the Anglican Church, granting himself the right of divorce from his deceased brother's wife. Much of the world typically views this as the end of the struggle, forgetting that the people of England then encountered the doctrinal struggle their monarch had been fraught with for years with the Pope. Bringing the struggle closer to home, the anger with the papacy began to be directed at Catholics and Protestants within his own kingdom. Closure of monasteries and seizure of monastic land was only the first step. Then came the murder of those who stood against the King's decision. Not only Catholics but Protestants who had wished the King would take his doctrinal developments further.

This story has remained within the minds of many who have encountered it. A story marked with lies, scandal, murder and intrigue.....