Magee House

The Carlsbad Historical Society demonstrates an outstanding example of city history through the use of the Magee House. This was once a private single family home, still on its original plot of land, belonging to one of the founders of Carlsbad, Samuel Church Smith. Built in 1887 by Samuel Church Smith, the Magee House was ordered from a catalog and was a Craftsman style kit. This particular house kit was originally intended to be built in colder more extreme climates' which is architecturally apparent with three separate distinct features. First, the home has higher ceilings inside which are intended to keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Second, there is a beautiful wraparound porch that has a slight downward slant to accommodate moisture runoff, including snow. Finally, there is a mud room included in the original plans that is not a common feature found in Southern California homes. On the property is a small barn, beautifully tended yard and an award-winning rose garden.

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Photographs of the Magee House

Magee House (2008)

(Courtesy of the Carlsbad History Room)